painting in an outdoor location is metaphysical in a way
because it allows the viewer the sense of
'being there in the moment' 

The main focus in my work, is the feeling of being there. 
It's important to me to record the first impression of the lighting on the subject I'm painting and the excitement that comes with it if it works out.

The piece is successful for me, if it contains a simulation of movement that's physical or emotional. For the viewer, removed from the atmosphere where the piece was created, the painting is intended to be a connection to a sense of place that they may recognize on some level. Since most all of my painting is done on an island or at Niagara Falls, I can forward that 'blue space' feeling to those who view my paintings.    

We experience our world through external stimuli - sight, sound and feeling. An artist creating a painting en plein air has the unique edge of suggesting all three in a manner more effective than many other art forms. 

There's that connection that happens when you are drawn to a certain painting, you know, the one you keep coming back to ? Doesn't mean you have to be in line with what the artist was thinking but, the artist has been successful, non the less, on a subconscious level. 
The artist has engaged you in the painting.                          
                                                                                                          J. R. Baldini

About the Artist. . .

As a child J. R., spent lunch hours in Munson Williams Proctor Institute Museum, when other children were on the playground. Always more at home in a solitary world that included books and art, and most fascinated by Thomas Cole (February 1, 1801 - February 11, 1848) was a nineteenth century American artist;  is regarded as the founder of the Hudson River School, an American art movement that flourished in the mid-19th century and was concerned with the realistic and detailed portrayal of nature.) Series of paintings called the "Voyage of Life" and spent countless hours immersed in the atmosphere that these tremendously large paintings created.
Old Age

 At the age of 10, J.R.was sent  to Munson Williams Proctor School of Art  spending evenings and Saturday mornings immersed in the artists world that held such fascination.

Years ago when meeting the Hollywood and Broadway actor and artist Zero Mostel on the island, Zero was invited to a painting critique. He asked what we did at these critiques (which, had accumulated quite a following). With a feined look of horror on his face he boomed," art is to be appreciated not criticized!"

You have certainly heard someone comment-
I don't know much about art...
But, that is not true. Words aren't necessary to express  appreciation for visual art, your spirit tells you when you are moved by a creation.

J.R. Baldini holds the degree of Master of Photography, earned for the excellence of prints in International competitions and educational achievements, from the Professional Photographers of America and the Craftsman degree earned by publishing articles, teaching and presenting educational programs to other professionals.

 She is Executive Director and Founder of International Plein Air Painters. 

The artist organized the first International WORLDWIDE 'paint out' for Plein Air Painters Globally 
IPAP is a blanket organization for International Plein Air Painting groups.

J. R. is represented by the 

Niagara Fine  Arts G A L L E R Y, Niagara Falls, Canada
The Pottery Place, Door County, WI
The Paint Pot, Ephraim, WI

 J. R.'s paintings were on the World Tour of Contemporary Landscape Artists 
See the tour published book on AMAZON  HERE

 Door County Invitational 
(40 invited artists from the US and Canada)
Riverbrink Art Museum, Queesnston, Ontario May 21 - Nov 30, 2013
Green Drake Gallery, Millheim, PA.  April 5-28, 2013
New Century Artists Gallery, Chelsea, NYC March 9 - 23, 2013 
September 18 - January 4, 2009 - Terrace Gallery
City Hall Rotunda in Orlando, Florida
Door County Wisconsin April 21 - May 21, 2008 
Fireside Lounge, Link Gallery
June 1 - July 6 in Estes Park, Colorado -Cultural Arts Center of Estes Park Fine Art Gallery
July 21 - August 18  in Qualicum Beach, Vancouver - Old School House Art Center

Professional Organizations

International Plein Air Painters
World Tour of Contemporary Landscape Artists 2001 - 2013
The Professional Photographers of America
American Society of Photographers
Landscape Painters International

Gallery Representation 

Niagara Fine Arts, Niagara Falls Ontario
John Turchin Art GalleryBanner Elk, North Carolina
The Paint Box, Ephraim, Wisconsin


Author of the forthcoming book Permission Granted - learning to breathe on Planet Earth
Far and Near Horizons,       March 2013 Available on AMAZON
Plein Air American Artist    April 2010
Coastal Living                      May 2010
American Artist Magazine April 2008 - see article
The Artists Sketchbook Magazine by The Artists Magazine
Fuji Masterpiece III Portfolio Cover Image
PPA Storytellers International Magazine 
Infoto Professional Photo Magazine
Women in Photography
Professional Agent Magazine
Photo Imaging for Canadians
Professional Photographers of America published book Loan Collection (3 editions)
American Society of Professional Photographers Quarterly
Fine Art Connoisseur        January 2006
Fine Art Connoisseur         February 2006
Rising Women Magazine    Sept/Oct 2006
Country Living Magazine,  June 2005 WORLDWIDE Art workshops
American Artist Magazine IPAP "WORLDWIDE Paint Out" March 2004
The Wall Street Journal on line
Plein Air Magazine  June 2004
Esquire Magazine June 2004
Plein Air Magazine December 2004 WORLDWIDE Paint Out Article
Lexus Magazine in the UK ( Feb 2003) International Artists
The Artists Magazine ( March 2003)
Caribbean Travel Planner Magazine (April 2003) World art workshops
Monhegan Anthology published poetry book (June 2003)
Monhegan Ropeshed     published poetry          (June 2003)
"Working Waterfront" The Island Institute       (June 2003)

Selected Group Exhibitions

Queenston Fall Show, Queenston, Ontario
New Century Artists Gallery - Manhattan, NYC
Green Drake Gallery, Milheim, PA
 Door County Fine Art Invitational - Peninsula School of Art
Seamans Church Institute, NYC
Cultural Arts Center of Estes Park Fine Art Gallery
Associated Artists of Syracuse
Munson Williams Proctor Institute
Munson Williams Proctor School of Art
Southern Vermont Art Center
Plantation Gallery, Monhegan Island, Maine
Everson Museum of Art,Syracuse, New York
SUNY at Marcy, New York
Christina's, Seneca Falls, New York
Central Adirondack Art Center
Yellow Door Gallery, Utica New York
Cabbages & Kings, Clinton, NY
Kirkland Art Center, Kirkland, New York
John Turchin Art Gallery, Banner Elk, North Carolina
International Plein Air Painters 2nd,3rd,4th WORLDWIDE Paint Out Exhibit
Schoolhouse Gallery, Qualicum Beach, British Columbia
Orlando Gallery, Orlando Florida
Pumphouse Summer show  2007
Willowbank  Thanksgiving Show 2007 
Karpeles Museum - 3 person show June-July 2007
St. Augustine Gallery - September 2007
Willowbank Annual, Queenston, Ontario,  2006


2010 Niagara Falls Arts & Culture Wall of Fame Inductee
Fuji Masterpiece Portfolio III Cover - Kristina's World
 American Society of Photographers Traveling Loan 
 American Society of Photographers Regional Medallion Award                              
Professional Photographers of America International Loan Collection                                       
New York State Fuji Masterpiece Award                
320 print case award NYS Convention
Judges Choice Award NYS Convention                
Distinguished Award NYS                
 Buffalo-Niagara TEP- Best of Show
 Bank of Utica Purchase award
Alexander Rouseneau Purchase award
 PPA International Loan Collection, New Orleans
 NYS Court of Honor
 PPA International Loan Collection, Orlando
 2 Fuji Masterpiece Awards, New York
 320 pin NYS
 3 NYS Courts of Honor
 Buffalo-Niagara TEP - Best of Show
 International Plein Air Painters WORLDWIDE Paint Out 2004 "Judges Choice Award"

Baldini has conducted workshops for the Professional Photographers of America School of  Photography 
in Atlanta and for the Central Adirondack Art Center in Old Forge, NY, and conducts an annual 
workshop on Monhegan Island, Maine , St, Lucia , West Indies, Greece and numerous workshops 
in Niagara Falls, Ontario and Niagara Falls, New York.

Teaching  workshop on Monhegan Island  and the Greek Isles workshop was Fabulous !!

Baldini is a past program speaker for the PPA International Convention 
Founder and Exec. Director of International Plein Air Painters

J. R., a native New Yorker, living and working in Niagara Falls, Canada has paintings in the US,
 Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada and Europe in both private and public collections.

Masterpiece Award
Cover Image
"Kristina's World"
St.Lucia, West Indies

copyright 2000 - 2018
St. Lucia photograph
Monhegan Island, 

Painting en plein air
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Niagara Falls, USA

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